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Events of interest to the Amateur / Electronics community of the Sheridan, Wyoming area

Look for the new CPREG Net on every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. It will be on the WY7SHR club repeater:    147.255 (+) PL 100Hz. The repeater is in it’s new hilltop location and is already working better than it has. Those licensed Technician or higher are encouraged to participate.


Please consider joining us on the CPREG nets, every Wednesday night as mentioned above. For local situational awareness, consider listening to the Cowboy net on 3923.5 kHz at 6:45 PM M-F (MDT). Those licensed General or higher are encouraged to participate. Those needing help getting a station on the air should contact the club or any club officer. If you are interested in the club join our email list at You may request being placed on our list even if you are not a member.

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Past events

Field Day 2020

Winter Field Day 2020

September – October 2019 Growing a Tower! 

July 2019 Repeater Improvements