Area events

Events of interest to the Amateur / Electronics community of the Sheridan, Wyoming area

Look for the CPREG Net every Wednesday night at 8:00 PM. It will be on the WY7SHR club repeater:  147.855 () PL 100Hz.  The repeater is in a hilltop location just west of Sheridan. All licensed hams are encouraged to participate.  If you’re in the Sheridan area, please consider joining us on the CPREG net.

The next meeting of CPREG is the December 10 party for members and guests. It starts at 6 PM. Details will be available via our email group and the Event Calendar.

Planned net Control Operators:

November – K0TDR, KG7KZK
December – In December the net will be held as a “round table” at the same time and frequency as the usual net. Be sure to  give breaks between transmission to let others join in. If you want to make a comment or ask a question, just give your callsign in a break, check to see that you aren’t doubling, then go ahead. It’s more for fun than efficiency!

For regional situational awareness, consider listening to the Cowboy Net on 3923.5 kHz at 6:45 PM M-F (MDT). Those licensed General or higher are encouraged to participate (but anyone can listen).

Those needing help getting a station on the air should contact the club or any club officer. If you are interested in the club join our email list at You may request being placed on our list even if you are not a member.

 Event Calendar

A good place for Party information.

Pictures from past events

Sheridan County E-Comm Trailer Demonstration

2022 Field Day