Sheridan County E-Comm Trailer Demonstration


16734 16746 16750 16736 16756 16742At 5 pm on Monday August 8, 2022 a group met in a parking lot on Red Grade. We were there to see how the Communication Tower and Solar Panels performed in case of an emergency, should the County suffer a power outage.

Jesse Ludikhuize, Sheridan County Emergency Management Coordinator (SCEMC) brought the tower mounted on a trailer, Chris from Fire Dept brought the solar panels also mounted on a trailer. Others that came to help were Jex, State Fire Marshal, Bruce Edwards, N7QIY (retired SCEMC), Chris Smith, NX0E, Susan Smith KA7NNX, Ryan Curry, WY7RDC,John Todd, W7JBT, Doug Larrabee, Mark Bucksath, W7BUC and Marge Carter, WA1VLF.

We were given an overview by Jesse how everything would work in case of an emergency. There is a generator fueled by diesel to raise and lower the tower only. Power is provided by the solar panels. At the base of the tower there is a cabinet filled with radios. Jesse via his laptop switches the units on. There is no reason to go into the cabinet except to turn the generator on.

Before the tower can be raised to its full height of 60 feet, leveling jacks have to be lowered, to take the weight off the tongue/hitch and tightened to secure the trailer.

Doug Larrabee volunteered to raise the tower. Was very impressive to watch it go up to its full height.

WiFi use is line of sight or microwave use is directional up to 6 miles. Be of use to Road and Bridge, County Sheriff repeater, Cross Patch repeater, County Fire dispatch and possibly as a backup to the Little Goose Repeater.

On behalf of all that attended…THANK YOU Jesse and Chris.