Recent Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting March 6, 2018

Meeting commenced at 6:31pm.

Those present: Chris Smith (NX0E), Susan Smith (KA7NNX), Brian Myers (N7BCM), Vickie Myers (KI7MUL), Morgan Myers (KI7SRG), Gary Morton (AA5XJ), Tom Schnatterbeck (WY1TMS), John Waterhouse (N4HAT), Ron Stanker (KI7BJO), Nancy Stanker (KI7DTH), Steve Butler (KG7NXM), John Lundberg (KG7KZK), Steve Schilling (K7VU), Bruce Edwards (N7QIY) and Marge Carter (WA1VLF) via telephone. Guests: Casey Myers, Lawrence (Trey) Gill and Joseph Dillon

TREASURER’S REPORT: Repeater Fund $xxx. Club Fund $xxxx


Club Repeater: Club currently has a Meter Hut donated by Carbon Creek Energy, LLC that is in Dave’s shop. It is 6 x 4 x 5 and insulated. Chris looking into getting a Commercial Grade hut with heating and ventilation options. We could use both huts, one being for storage.

ARES/RACES Net: Wednesday at 6:30 on the 255 repeater. Getting an average of 8 people participating.

Swap Fest: April 7, 2018, flyers are available to get the word out. Thanks Chris for putting those together. 8am to Noon. VE Test. Gary, Chris and Don Pierce as VE Examiners. 10am to noon: Skywarn, the weather spotter class. ARRL Packet is in along with radio ads, flyers and a spot on Swap Shop to get the word out.

Field Day: June 25 & 26, 2018 to be held at the same place on the mountain. Would still like to do a first 6 hours CW ONLY for contacts for those who wish to volunteer.

DUES: $20 for individuals and $30 for a family

ARES UPDATE: Bruce Edward said Club would provide communication at gates to direct fire equipment, needing only 6 people should situation arise. Board owns a repeater, thought it best to use our equipment, to not tie up theirs. Bruce said he could get a grant that would allow for radios similar to BLM radios. He also thought a “Field Trip” to see how the procedure works would be helpful. But everything on hold at the moment until a new Fire Warden is appointed.

Grid Chase: Ron is doing quite well with the grid chase. He has made 626 QSO’s with 359 Grids and is currently ranked 3028 out of 26,318. He just got his 50th state for an all state award. Can get more information at and on our Facebook page and Club website.

Calendar of Events:

March 17, 2018: 10 am to noon: Sheridan Museum asked Ron to do a talk on Amateur Radio for kids ages 3-10 with an activity after.

June 2, 2018: Dead Swede Bike Ride: Tom and Brian to assist. Last year Search and Rescue was in charge.

June 23-24, 2018: Field Day on the mountain, Potluck, try for more CW contacts

50/50 Raffle: Marge donated a meter for the 50/50 raffle. Joseph won some money, Steve Schilling won the meter and it was decided to use it for a Swap Fest prize.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:07  PM

Respectively Submitted,
Marge (WA1VLF), Secretary