Recent Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting September 3, 2019

Meeting commenced at 6:31 pm.

Those present: Tom Schnatterbeck (N7NS), Wally Wolfe (KF7EB), Chris Smith (NX0E), Susan Smith (KA7NNX), Ryan Curry (WY7RDC), Bruce MCartney (KI7OYE), Bob Pierson (KE8BWM), Steve Schilling (K7VU), Dave Hamaker (N9NLP), Bruce Edwards (N7QFY), Jim Marchese (KI7MES), Justin Carlson (KD7QOO), Grace Carlson (KJ7IEF) and Marge Carter (WA1VLF) via phone.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Chris reported on behalf of John Lundberg. The remaining funds will allow purchase of concrete after reimbursing Ron for renting the post hole digger.

With the auger we were able to dig 3 holes. Now need to secure the guy lines in the 12 inch diameter holes. John L. knows someone that may be able to mix the concrete on site. Tom was to confirm this and get a bid. Ron has secured a lot of the hardware needed, Steve S. has anchors. Need to make three 14 inch square 2×6 forms to cover the holes. Concrete will need at least 2 weeks to set. Ron said he was available Saturday September 14 for a work party to pour concrete and set anchors. After all of that is completed need to put up another 10 foot section of tower and the 4 bay antenna.
Steve S. knows of a Motorola Repeater that has become available to our club for $3000. HOWEVER, it is located up on Red Grade on the University of Wyoming site and someone would have to be available to climb it to maintain it if we took on the project.
MS Bike Ride: Ron was not at the meeting to fill in the details, but he had previously sent emails out that it was successful.

Tom mentioned maybe having a licensing test in October or end of September. He knows of 3 people interested. Was going to talk to Gary (AA5XJ).
Chris mentioned the new ARRL Section Manager  in Montana would like to work with members from Sheridan County. Also the new Wyoming Section Manager lives in Rock Springs. Possibly he will create an Assistant Section Manager for Northern Wyoming.
There is a science teacher from Lame Deer that is teaching his class about amateur radio and was looking to see if anyone had various items to support his work. He was unable to attend the meeting.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:03 pm.
Respectively Submitted,

Marge (WA1VLF), Secretary