Recent Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting May 1, 2018

Meeting commenced at 6:30pm.

Those present: Ron Stanker (KI7BJO), Brian Myers (N7BCM), Vickie Myers (KI7MUL), Morgan Myers (KI7SRG), Casey Myers (KI7WDK), Gary Morton (AA5XJ), Tom Schnatterbeck (WY1TMS), John Lundberg (KG7KZK), Steve Schilling (K7VU), Anderson Murray (KI7SRI), Michael Murray (KG5GZT), Wally Wolfe (KF7EB), Dave Hamaker (N9NLP), Jim Marchese (KI7MES) and Marge Carter (WA1VLF) via telephone.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Repeater Fund $xxx. Club Fund $xxx.


Club Repeater: Dave and Steve Schilling will work on moving the club antenna on May 19-20.

Swap Fest: Was a success. Good Participation, others clubs showed, prizes given as well as the ARRL gifts. Skywarn Class: had approximately 32 people. VE Test: 4 new Technician Class and 4 new General Class. Club made $xxx after expenses. Chris suggested May 4, 2019 for the swap fest, weather may be better, though April still works. It was tabled for discussion until the next business meeting.

Field Day: June 23 & 24, 2018 to be held at the same place on the mountain. Some may show on Friday, the 22nd to set up. Suggesting three radios, with generator, battery and solar power. Advertising on the ARRL website and as a public announcement on Sheridan Media.
DX practice was tabled until the Social Meeting in June.

ARES/RACES UPDATE: Bruce Edward was not present at the meeting. They are still looking for an Emergency Coordinator. There is a net on Sundays at 8:30 AM on 3.923.5 LSB.
Events: June 2, 2018: Dead Swede Bike Ride: Tom and Brian to assist. Last year Search and Rescue was in charge. August 11-13, 2018: MS Bike Ride may need help assisting bikers.


Tech Night  to prepare for Field Day was suggested for June 12, 2018 at 6:30 at the clubhouse. Bring mobile and hand- helds to tune to frequencies to cover County and BLM Land.

John Lundberg motioned to adjourn , Jim Marchese seconded, carried.

Meeting Adjourned 7:11pm

Respectively Submitted,
Marge (WA1VLF), Secretary