Recent Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting November 6, 2018

Meeting commenced at 6:30pm.
Those present: Ron Stanker (KI7BJO), Tom Schnatterbeck (WY1TMS), John Lundberg (KG7KZK), Wally Wolfe (KF7EB),, Marge Carter (WA1VLF-via phone), Chris Smith (NX0E), Bruce McCartney (KI7OYE) and Steve Butler (KG7NXM)

TREASURER’S REPORT: Repeater funds of $xxxamd approx $xxx of the Club monies have been used as reimbursement to Ron purchasing the concrete and hardware needed to set hut and tower in place. Club currently has $xxx.


Club Repeater: 20 feet of tower is up. Would like to get another 10 feet of tower up. The hut is in place, though still need to insulate its bottom. We are needing to buy batteries and solar panels. Dave looking into heating and cooling but that would require running power lines, so that is on hold at moment.

VE Session: The VE Session on October 27th had only 1 person show up, from Cheyenne. He upgraded to General.

VA Exercise: Postponed.


Swap Fest 2019: Date is April 27, 2019 at the Dayton Community Center. Ron motioned to accept. Accepted.

Officer Nominations:

President: Tom Schnatterbeck
Vice President: Chris Smith
Treasurer: John Lundberg
Secretary: Marge Carter

Steve Butler motioned to accept these nominees, Passed. Will officially vote at the January, 2019 meeting.

ARES Connect:

DUES: Due at January, 2019 meeting. $20 for individuals and $30 for families

EVENTS: Christmas Party at the Stankers: December 8th at 5:30pm.
Day in the Park: January 26/27 for Winter Field Day at Washington Park

Meeting Adjourned 7:00 pm

Respectively Submitted,
Marge (WA1VLF), Secretary