Recent Meeting Minutes


Minutes of Meeting February 4, 2020

Meeting commenced at 6:35 pm.
Those present:   Tom Schnatterbeck (N7NS), Jim Marchese (KI7MES),  Bob Pierson (KE8EWM),  Justin Carlson (KD7QOO), Grace Carlson (KJ7IEF), John Lundberg (KG7KZK),  Ryan Curry (WY7RDC), Bruce Edwards (N7QYI),  Steve Schilling (K7VU), Gene Hale (KJ7KYC), Gary Flynn (FG7CZX) and Marge Carter (WA1VLF) via phone.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  $$$ before dues.

Winter Field Day:  Was a success, good turnout. Advertised through PSA, word of mouth and cards that Tom sent to the local hams. New Banner that the club purchased was up. Sheridan Rest Area offered higher elevation. Weather was nice and contacts were made on CW with Wally at the key and using the digital mode, with a 3 band vertical.  A member brought up how can we get more contacts. Bruce mentioned the using of his shop,  it has a 45 foot tower. Something to consider for next year.
January 15th Tech Night:  Watched a You Tube video on emergency preparedness and having prep bags ready for Winter Field Day.
2020 Dues:  Individual $20/Family $30.  Please remit said dues to John Lundberg. Make checks out to John and drop off or mail to Big Horn Trading LLC, 933 Werco Avenue, Sheridan, WY 82801

February 26
, 2020: Tech Night. Discussing  Morse Code. Wally and Tom to present the class to be held at Carbon Creek at 6pm located at 1662 S. Sheridan Ave.
Mid March:  Meeting with Colorado reps to start preparing for the August MS Bike Ride.
April 7, 2020:  Reminder: Start application for Third Thursday.
May 9, 2020:  Law Enforcement function at the VA, Contact Gene for more info
May 11, 2020: VA Hospital Command Center, Sheriff and Police will be there. Contact Gene for more info.
Summer, 2020:  TBD Fox Hunts

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50 pm.
Respectively Submitted,
Marge (WA1VLF), Secretary