2019 ARRL Wyoming section convention

The Wyoming section of the ARRL held its 2019 convention Saturday, September 7, 2019 at the Cam-Plex in Gillette. All the speakers were good and the demo by the 84th CST of their mobile command complex was inspiring.  (We should have equipment like that!)

The last speaker, Norm Fusaro W3IZ was from ARRL HQ. He gave a talk on the future direction of ARRL which may bear especial significance to local clubs, like our own CPREG.

The ARRL has been making significant changes in the last year, if you haven’t noticed. This isn’t haphazard change. It’s based on fundamental research by ARRL and hired consultants. One area of research was the question of what newly licensed people plan to do once they get their ticket. Some significant responses are: Off-roading, sailing, public service, RVing, camping, and hiking. Do you suppose this applies to our own members? It’s significant that traditional “OT” (old timer) responses of ragchewing, contesting, collecting QSLs and awards did not make the list.

Norm mentioned the League is committed to lifelong learning. This is a lifetime process, not taking a class – though classes may be part of the process. Their research identified five personas that dominate licensed hams: Guardians (i.e., keepers of ham traditions), Rookies, Technologists, Preppers and Lapsed Members. Note that hams can be more than one of these (and perhaps none at all).  ARRL lifelong learning is being targeted to the five groups. For example, Rookies will be addressed by a new ARRL magazine. Starting in January 2020, members may elect to receive either QST or a new magazine On the Air (current working title, it may change) in printed form. Members may view both online too. On the Air will focus on getting newly licensed members active on the air. Other events and publications, including books, articles, white papers and videos will target all five  personas to help each with relevant lifelong learning.

Can our club help members in one or more of these focused lifelong learning experiences?

Chris, NX0E